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Hand Painted Gourds

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Exotic Japanese

Japanese Bird Gourd #1


Bird Series

Japanese Bird Gourd #2


These beautiful hand painted gourds were grown on the Navajo Reservation. I picked these gourds because of their unique shapes. Each gourd "spoke" to me as to what design it should have. The designs are influenced by my experiences living and working in the Navajo culture and by my many travels to the ancient ruins of the Southwest.

Each hand painted gourd is highly detailed and preserved to ensure their everlasting beauty.

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© 2007 Randy Trujillo


Japanese Bird Gourd #3



Japanese Bird Gourd #4



Bear Shield
"Bear Shield"

5" h x 6" w
real turquoise
exquisite detail
intricately carved



Under Panther Peak
"Under Panther Peak"

7" h x 5" w
panoramic view of desert vegetation around Saguaro Nat'l Monument near Tucson, AZ


Night Hawk
"Night Hawk"

15" h x 5" wide
Has a beautiful song and brings good luck. A symbol of Navajo culture.


Corn Katchina
"Corn Katchina"

8" h x 6" w
beautiful stone-like texture