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Cherry trees for Bernie

Cherry trees for Bernie

18" h x 18" w

Many of my paintings and landscapes depict the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. I try to include a wide variety of cactus and capture the vivid colors of the plant life and ethereal skies.

I use mixed media; watercolors, acrylic, colored pencils and pastels. Each painting is sprayed with fixative to preserve the rich, beautiful colors.

Feel free to email me at rakalmat@msn.com for prices and listings of recent work.








© 2007 Randy Trujillo

Remembering the Escudilla

"Remembering the Escudilla"

44 1/2" h x 17 1/2" w, framed
oil paint



24" h x 36" w, framed
oil paint

Holy Girl

"Holy Girl"

19 1/2" h x 23 1/2" w, framed
oil paint

Miramonte Falls

"Miramonte Falls"

18" h x 18" w, framed
watercolor/mixed media

Santorini Greece


30" h x 40" w
oil paint

Vermillion Cliffs

"Vermillion Cliffs"

30" h x 40" w
oil paint

Sahuaro at dawn

"Sahuaro at dawn"

21.5" w x 32" h
oil paint

After the Monsoon

"After the Monsoon"

25" h x 32" w
oil paint



33" h x 26" w
gouache on board

Lavender Fields

"Lavender Fields"

36" h x 27"w
gouache on board


Grünglas Mountain

"Grünglas Mountain"

44" h x 34" w
oil paint



Gem Show

"Tucson Gem Show"

28" h x 28" w
gouache on board



40 degrees North

"40 degrees North"

45" h x 35" w
watercolor & mixed media
rustic mesquite frame
highly detailed



Taos Pueblo

"Taos Pueblo"

27" h x 21" w
acrylic w/pastels
beautiful shadows
rustic wood frame

Morning in Saguaro Park

"Morning in Saguaro Park"

31" h x 22" w
hand tooled tin frame
beautiful detail of cactus, morning light


Panther Peak

""Panther Peak"

36" h x 42" w
hand tooled tin frame
water color and mixed media


Morning Hike

"Morning Hike"

21" w x 11" h
watercolor & mixed media

Zion View

"Zion View"

24" w x 36" h